Ballot is under way for NZPI Full Members

In 2014 the New Zealand Planning Institute Board launched its review of NZPI’s membership categories. The review was an objective within NZPI’s Strategic Plan 2013-2016 and marked by an unprecedented level of engagement with members throughout the country. The comprehensive and reiterative engagement included extensive surveys of all members, workshops and various calls for feedback. As a result of that process, which was led by the Membership Working Party, the Board is now in a position to suggest a package of category changes that it believes will enhance and streamline the category structure that currently exists within NZPI whilst keeping faith with NZPI’s purpose and focus:

Purpose: NZPI is the home of the planning profession and achieves a better future for NZ by championing the profession, promoting excellence and supporting its members.

Focus: To enhance the profile of the Institute and planning profession; to Empower member involvement and create a sense of ownership at all levels of NZPI and to; Improve the quality of planning practice

Today, the 30 March, 2015, all voting members
, that is Full Members only of the New Zealand Planning Institute will receive an invitation to vote on the proposed changes to the NZPI constitution that are required to give effect to the proposed category changes. In preparation for the ballot all Full Members were also provided with a context document which details the proposed changes.

Please see below link for details of the proposed changes:

Proposed Changes to NZPI's Membership Categories - A Context Document

On behalf of the Board and the Membership Working Party, many thanks to those of you who have offered feedback on the raft of changes discussed throughout the country in 2014 and 2015. Your feedback has been invaluable in helping the governance of NZPI frame up the proposed changes and launch what is an historic ballot for NZPI.

The ballot will close on the 14 April, 2015 and it is anticipated that the Chair of NZPI, Bryce Julyan will announce the results to all members shortly thereafter.