NZPI is excited to announce the launch of its new Partnership Initiative Programme

NZPI is excited to announce the launch of its new Partnership Initiative Programme. The programme has been designed to forge stronger links between NZPI and employers of planners, albeit they in the public or private sector.

The Partnership Agreement Initiative provides employers with very tangible incentives to enter the programme including discounts on membership, CPD and advertising fees, access to NZPI communications such as Planning Quarterly, Planning Focus and NZPI’s highly valued Salary Survey.

In return the organisations that come on board agree to support their planner employees in their professional membership of NZPI and their continuing professional development aspirations.

Even before the launch of the programme there has been considerable interest in the concept, so much so that one organisation has already signed and four others have made a tentative commitment to the agreement. Interestingly, the five organisations are a mix of private and public sector which gives NZPI confidence that the programme has been appropriately designed to serve all employers of planners.

It is with great pleasure then that I applaud Tonkin & Taylor Ltd for being the first and foundation member of NZPI’s partnership organisations. Peter Roan, National Planning Leader at Tonkin & Taylor said “Career development and learning opportunities are at the foundation of our approach to growing successful planners at Tonkin & Taylor. The Institute’s partnering initiative is excellent and aligns closely with the work we are doing to promote the benefits of NZPI membership, and the professional recognition that that brings, as part of our career development pathway. We are absolutely delighted to be the foundation member of the NZPI Partnership Initiative Programme“.

Congratulations to Peter and his team. NZPI looks forward to a long and mutually respectful relationship with Tonkin & Taylor in the years to come.


For other organisations who may be interested in seeing the details of the new NZPI Partnership Agreement please contact Susan Houston, CEO of NZPI at