Update on the NZPI CPD Programme

With nearly half the year gone, it is useful to reflect on the CPD calendar to date ...

This year has seen a larger and more diverse range of CPD offerings than previously. Feedback on the programme has been very positive although informal comments indicate that members haven’t always been able to attend as many events as they would have liked. Planners in Auckland and Christchurch in particular report very high demands on their time. A very successful national conference in April also meant that early courses were sometimes deferred due to low enrolments, but these have recently picked up with work patterns resuming normal patterns.

The courses to date have received very positive evaluations from attendees. The average course rating has risen from the 2014 rating of 4.3 to 4.5 (out of 5), which is very positive.

Feedback in the recent NZPI Member Satisfaction Survey The annual Membership satisfaction survey also showed very positive ratings. Feedback from the evaluation sheets also reflected these ratings:

"this workshop was great in learning how to apply consultation skills into real life situations and learning different options on how to talk during consultation".

"very informative, pitched it at the right level and enough content covered".

"I now have a much better understanding of the implementation of a S32 evaluation. Great workshop".

In particular, it was great to see positive feedback from those attending the new Resource Consent and Plan-making courses:

"This course was really valuable in solidifying my understanding of the RMA process and consent process".

"very valuable overall and great practical advice/real world".

"great, a lot of info to take in and a lot of reflection will occur over post-workshop".

We have been endeavouring to negotiate more closely with local branches to choose courses that match the needs of local members. This process means that members have a more direct say over what is offered in local areas.

The Planning on Demand range of CPD is steadily expanding to provide more flexible provision, especially for members outside the main centres. There is also a range of non-NZPI CPD opportunities in Educational Resources, click here

NZPI Members - We encourage you to review your progress now ...

With six months of the year already gone, we encourage members to check/update your CPD record now and identify what is required over the next six months to achieve your requirements for 2015.

For information on how to access your record, click here