Maori Perspective to become part of NZPI's DNA

The NZPI Board welcomes the formal establishment of Papa Pounamu as a Special Interest Group (SIG) of NZPI and hopes it will facilitate the integration of a Maori perspective into planning so that it becomes a part of NZPI's DNA. The SIG provides a forum for Maori planners and non-planners to associate and contribute to the practice of planning and resource management in Aotearoa - New Zealand. It is hoped that Papa Pounamu will also provide a home for Pacific Island planners and non-planners and provide a stepping stone to acknowledge Pacific Island perspectives in NZ planning and develop stronger relationships with our Pacific Island neighbours.

Regular meetings between the Papa Pounamu and NZPI leadership is serving to develop a road map that will guide our collective journey towards a more aligned and integrated way of working for NZPI - whether it is the design of our continuing professional development programme, our communications, our conference or our policy development and submissions.

The journey has already begun with the establishment of Papa Pounamu, agreeing Terms of Reference and a commitment from NZPI to the supporting it to establish and grow its membership base. That support has been in the form of providing Papa Pounamu with a customised website, seed funding and an invite to participate in both the Young Planners and NZPI Strategic Planning process. The Board hopes Papa Pounamu's input at a strategic level will help NZPI achieve a collective and integrated vision that incorporates a Maori perspective and supports a partnership approach to planning.

NZPI has also committed to exploring a process to better engage with Papa Pounamu - this will form part of the strategic planning discussions that will be held in February 2016. The initiative flows from Papa Pounamu's request at the 2015 AGM for NZPI to explore the establishment of a special Maori seat on the Board. Any review of the Board representation that is initiated will also provide the opportunity to review the current electoral boundaries which have been the subject of discussion in some of our larger electorates i.e. Central North Island.

Explore the Papa Pounamu website and learn more of Papa Pounamus intentions.

Bryce Julyan
Chair NZPI