Integrated Governance, Planning and Delivery Report

The New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development (NZCID) has released a thought provoking report titled “Integrated Governance, Planning and Delivery”. The report, which had an incubation period of three years, challenges readers to think strategically about a range of New Zealand wide issues and poses a series of potential solutions. Foremost amongst those issues identified within the report are fragmented decision making, a lack of alignment between strategy and plans, the disconnect between strategy and funding, complex regulation, inadequate funding, the lack of long term strategic planning and the absence of regional structures that can capture growth opportunities.

The report is ground breaking in its prescription for the problems identified and urges the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry that could facilitate a wider debate around NZCID’s ideas and provide an opportunity for alternate views to be aired. Upon the inquiry’s completion the Commission would be charged with presenting evidence based recommendations to the newly elected government in 2018.

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