Call for Abstracts: 2016 NZPI Conference

Addressing Sustainability & RMA Issues Facing Regional New Zealand

12 - 15 April 2016, Dunedin | 25 CPD Points

NZPI Otago Branch invites you to join us in Dunedin for NZPI’s Annual Conference - a four day showcase of the regions prosperity, quality of life and sustainable development accomplishments.

The conference theme “Over the Rainbow” seeks to address critical issues for New Zealand’s move towards environmental sustainability and 25 years since the implementation of the RMA.

Local and international speakers will address opportunities and vision required by planners capable of taking a strategic, policy-oriented view of social and environmental issues facing New Zealand at a regional level.

Issues of Significance Include:

  • Infrastructure planning in changing times
  • Climate change and natural hazards
  • Assessment of the RMA and local government structures
  • Mineral extraction and quarries
  • Water supply and allocation issues
  • Heritage values
  • High and Low growth planning
  • Planning for an aging population

As our society becomes increasingly complex, the need for planners and professionals has become ever greater. Planners consider issues from a range of scientific and social perspectives and must also take into account the particular values of different groups within the community.

Is your work advancing the field of planning?

Are you working on an exciting project, plan or initiative that would enlighten your colleagues in the profession?

Do you want to share insights, lessons learnt and discuss among colleagues a particular development that you have been working on?

NZPI invites planners and professionals to submit an abstract aligned with the conference themes now!

10 Dec 2015 NZPI will notify authors and presenters of their acceptance/decline
28 Mar 2016 Full papers and workshop resources due
05 Apr 2016 PowerPoint presentation of paper due
12 Apr 2016 Annual Planning Conference begins

Please email the following information and documents in Microsoft Word.doc format to no later than 7th December 2015