Call for input on Advanced Planning for Maori Values course

2016 will see the introduction of two compulsory Planning for Maori Values courses – an introductory one for Graduate members and an advanced one for Intermediate members. The introductory course was taught several times in 2016 and received extremely positive ratings by members who participated. The main topics in this course are:

  • Terminology
  • Treaty, Legislation & Maori land, legal status, principles
  • Legislative and Treaty obligations
  • Implications of ToW for planning / other relevant legislation
  • Treaty Settlements
  • Maori Land
  • Planning for Maori
  • Environment Court Principles
  • Tips for mandate
  • ToW RMA Kete
  • Engaging with Maori
  • Relationship mechanisms / practical engagement techniques
  • Best practice engagement

The Advanced course will be introduced in 2016 and taught in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and elsewhere if sufficient demand. Antoine Coffin and Gina Sweetman teach both these courses and are calling for input from members as to what content should be included in the Advanced course.

Members are encouraged to send in any suggestions you have to