Tripartite Economic Summit

16-18 May 2016, AUCKLAND

Auckland will showcase innovation, design and business prowess to two of the world’s leading cities, their investors and immediate markets during Innovation Week May 16th – 20th 2016. Auckland will be hosting the second Tripartite Economic Alliance Summit involving sister cities Guangzhou in China and Los Angeles in United States.

The theme for the Tripartite Economic Alliance summit is ``Making Connections’’ and organiser ATEED have targeted five specialist sectors that will catch the eye of the visiting delegates including, High-value food (nutraceuticals), Advanced materials, Entertainment and digital media, Smart data & Design.

Making connections, creating partnerships

NZPI is contributing through the design-led transformation of Auckland and its collaborative approach to improve the built environment and create a competitive edge for attracting talent, investment and visitors and increasing its global identity. NZPI hopes to extend opportunities for members to be involved in the activities surrounding the visitors time in Auckland exploring ``Design Connections’’ and further invites our special interest groups to implement activations under the Innovation week umbrella.

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To register your interest in running your own activation as part of the Innovation week and NZPI’s contribution to the Design stream at the Tripartite Summit, please send an email to with your idea.

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