NZPI 2016 Conference Website Launched

NZPI invites planners and allied professionals from across New Zealand to join it in Dunedin for the 2016 Planning Conference.

Themed, 'Over the Rainbow', the conference seeks to address the opportunities and vision required by planners to take a strategic policy oriented view of environmental sustainability and economic development in NZ.

With a focus on the RMA and best practice implementation at a regional level, the exploration of these issues comes at a time when domestic and global opinion is shifting and those planners with an in-depth knowledge of the challenges will be best equipped to meet the economic and sustainability demands of tomorrow. We live in a time of rapid change, especially so in terms of our environment and how we value and relate to it. Hot on the heels of the Paris climate agreement and more closer to home, the proposed amendments to the RMA, this is a timely conference that will challenge and provoke.

You can learn more on NZPI’s 2015 Conference by visiting here … bookings will open in the New Year. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news & updates