MEDIA RELEASE: NZPI Seeks to Change RMA Amendment Bill

15 March 2016

NZPI has made a comprehensive submission to the Select Committee established by the Ministry for Environment to consider feedback on the Resource Management Legislation Amendment Bill.

The submission, informed by legal opinion in some instances, identifies three categories of proposals within the Bill:

1) Proposals that meet a clear and present need for change
2) Proposals that shift decision making from local/regional government to central government
3) Proposals better considered in a wider planning system review

Contrary to popular myth, NZPI members are not committed to protecting the existing system of planning in New Zealand. For many, however, it is their job to implement it. Many have worked professionally within both Town and Country and RMA planning systems. Many have worked in other national jurisdictions.

Because of their day-to-day experience of planning, and because they get on a daily basis the feedback and opinions of developers, communities and individuals, politicians, and those at either end of the conservation/preservation to development spectrum, they are uniquely placed to advocate how the system can be improved, and also to reflect deeply and to advise where major change is needed.

The submission is a reflection of reiterative consultation with the 2400 members of NZPI, all of which are uniquely placed in their depth of understanding of the Resource Management Act to offer an informed perspective. NZPI has also sought legal opinion on some of the more contentious issues within the RMA Legislation Amendment Bill to add weight to the Submission.

NZPI has taken its submission one step further by presenting its recommended approach to the review of the New Zealand planning system.

The submission includes examples of feedback from NZPI’s members, this serves to add context to what is a robust and insightful commentary on the proposed Bill.

The submission can be found here

For further information please phone Karyn Sinclair, NZPI Board Member on 09 928 5779.