Survey of New Zealand and Australian Planners

RMIT University is conducting a survey of academic and practising planners in Australia and New Zealand to investigate their views on the "big" issues in planning, the connections between theory and practice, and the state of planning education. This was prompted by a European survey conducted by Klaus Kunzmann and Martina Koll which presented at last year's AESOP conference in Prague.

The survey is a mix of multi-choice and open ended questions and should only take about 20 minutes to complete (depending of course on how much you have to say - some people take longer). The success of this enterprise depends on getting a broad cross section of views so please take the time to participate. It is completely anonymous, so you can feel free to express yourself as strongly as you wish. We will report back a summary of the findings when our analysis is completed.

If you have any queries regarding the survey please contact Robin Goodman on

To participate in the survey by 30 March please click here