NZPI Advocates Better Urban Planning

23 September 2016

We wish to advise members of NZPI's proposed policy approach to the preparation of the NZPI submission to the New Zealand Productivity Commission's draft report Better Urban Planning. We are also seeking your contribution and feedback. We have prepared a brief report which includes a summary analysis of selected Productivity Commission findings and recommendations, and a critical response to specific advice contained in Better Urban Planning Draft Report (BUPDR), under the following general headings:

  • the work and culture of urban planners
  • the objectives and function of urban planning
  • relationship (failure) between local and central government
  • definition of urban environment
  • support for spatial planning
  • reform and implementation strategy (not just ideas)
  • urban planning needs regulation to avoid market failings
  • urban planning system assessment framework

Please download it from here and email feedback, thoughts and suggestions to by Tuesday 27th September, 11am.