2016 World Town Planning Day Conference

Engaging, Collaborative, Innovative, Creative, Thought-Provoking

These are just a few words that are guiding the organising committee in reshaping the platform and format of the 2016 online conference.

This year’s conference will consist of a series of seminar sessions hosted by the planning institutes and associations. There is no theme, as each participating country is asked to speak to the issues that are relevant in their communities. Each session will be seamlessly streamed from all around the world in English through an application called Periscope.

The broadcasts will be scheduled on a 24-hour hour timetable on November 8, 2016.

Keep updated via Twitter @wtpdonlineconf or Facebook World Town Planning Day Online Conference #wtpd2016

Please visit the website for further details - www.planningtheworld.net

Details of Events Hosted by NZPI Branches will be listed in the NZPI Learning Centre as they become available.