MEDIA RELEASE: World Town Planning Day Celebrated throughout New Zealand


08 November 2016

World Town Planning Day (WTPD) is celebrated on November 8 and promotes the role of planning in creating liveable communities.

Every year the New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) celebrates World Town Planning Day with events that feature presenters who are leaders in their respective fields.

More than 30 countries now participate in the International Day, which dates back to 1949, the same year NZPI was established.

This year NZPI is holding the Planning for Sustainable Development Conference in Fiji from November 7–10, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) and the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA), and coincides with World Town Planning Day.

Delegates will seek to develop plans to address the central issues facing planners and local and central government practitioners around the world. Discussions will focus on water resource management, rapid urbanization, housing shortages and the impacts of climate change.

NZPI CEO, David Curtis says World Town Planning Day celebrates the accomplishments of planners around the globe and raises awareness of their contributions to their communities.

“It is also an opportunity for our own members to drive conversations around economic, environmental and social development which affects planners, and policymakers in central and local governments.”

He says NZPI members across New Zealand will celebrate the event with different activities throughout the week.

Canterbury NZPI will host a breakfast where Urban Designer, James Lunday will present his perspective around Christchurch and whether they are building the Central City people dreamed of.

NZPI Central Otago will run an educational field trip to Glenorchy to the highly acclaimed 'Aro Ha Wellness Retreat' followed by a tour and info session at 'Camp Glenorchy', which is being designed as a showcase of a Sustainably Built Environment.

In the capital, Ian Pike, Manager of Wellington City Council’s ‘City Shaper’ unit will give a presentation on the planning process around one of the city’s more significant and iconic building projects in the future - the proposed Wellington Convention Centre and Film Museum.

The Auckland Port Re-Imaged project will showcase a presentation by the Master of Urban Planning and Urban Design students. It will highlight studio work exploring potential master-planning options for the re-development of the western side of the Port of Auckland.

NZPI has around 2000 members and is committed to empowering planners and promoting planning excellence throughout New Zealand.