NZPI Welcomes New CEO

The Board is pleased to welcome David Curtis as the new NZPI CEO . David comes from the CE role at NZ Hockey and the Board feel very confident that his skills and experience will be a great asset to the Institute and we look forward to working with him.

I am pleased to join NZPI as the new CEO. While the planning environment is new to me, I bring a diverse range of senior management experience, with a strong focus on the Not-For-Profit sector. My background includes local and international roles in an array of industries ranging from education to IT.

I am sure I’m no different to many of you in being concerned by the challenges and excited by the opportunities our nation faces. I’m convinced planners play a vital role in addressing many of these challenges and realising the potential of the opportunities and so I join NZPI invigorated by the chance to work with, and support, the NZPI Members and Partners.

David Curtis