CRL - The Walking Tour

09 December 2016

Aurecon, in conjunction with Auckland Transport (AT) and the New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI), hosted an NZPI Young Planners walking tour event which showcased one of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure projects, the City Rail Link (CRL).

The event saw approximately 30 Young Planners, ranging from students to senior practitioners, on a guided walk along the length of the CRL project alignment. The guides were from AT and Aurecon who have had an integral role in the planning aspects of the project since 2013.

Attendees were treated to extensive knowledge of the project by the guides while experiencing first-hand some of the construction that is underway. The knowledge, lessons learnt and stories imparted will be discussed further and shared for many years to come as construction continues at an ever increasing pace in the central business district.

Many thanks to the guides including Dean Ingoe, Sonya McCall and Richard Jenkins from AT, Damien McGahan, Mel Taylor, Helen McLean, Julia Lovelock, Mikayla Woods and James Luty from Aurecon, as well as those who also participated in the successful event. There have already been requests to run the event again once future phases of construction are underway.