From the Board

19 December 2016

This is the second of our quarterly reports to keep members informed of the key issues the Board is dealing with and focuses on the discussion and decisions of our recent Board meeting held on 2 December.
Following on from the last Board meeting we continued our discussion of the review of the CPD mandatory requirements and a number of interim policy decisions were formalised while the Compulsory CPD Review Panel undertakes a full review in 2017 with the final requirements coming into effect in 2018. CPD is a key component of NZPI membership and the Review Panel will be seeking members’ views and engagement through this process to ensure that the final recommendations are robust and meet member needs. The Board strongly encourages all members to engage in this important work-stream.

Review of CPD Mandatory Requirements

At the previous Board meeting, it was resolved to instigate a Review Panel to assess the current issues for compulsory CPD. This Review Panel was convened via teleconference and a short paper prepared to capture the issues and potential scope of matters which need to be resolved. This was then presented to the PAC Committee with key questions and topics to help identify the recommendations which were presented to the Board.

Todd Whittaker provided a summary of the Review Panel and PAC discussion informing the development of the recommendations considered.

The Board formalised an exemption policy and process for experienced members who are seeking full membership and for whom the compulsory CPD requirements may not be necessary and/or appropriate. People seeking exemptions will need to apply stating the reasons and demonstrating why they do not need to complete a specific compulsory course(s). The exemption requests will be reviewed by a Board member.
The Board noted how the breadth of NZPI accredited courses has grown and that many recent graduates are covering a number of the competencies covered in mandatory courses. The Board endorsed a blanket exemption for all Graduates who are seeking to move to Intermediate from undertaking compulsory CPD papers. This does not exempt members from completing the required hours for CPD. This policy has immediate effect and will apply until 1 January 2018 when the full review is completed.

The Board extended the role of the Compulsory CPD Review Panel to review and provide recommendations for compulsory CPD with any new CDP programme and areas of competency to be implemented from 1 January 2018. This scope of review includes consideration of options to implement or prescribe ‘Areas of Competency’ which may support or replace existing compulsory CPD courses, the number and content of compulsory CPD courses, and ensuring that all CPD provide contemporary and relevant best practice content including annual reviews of course content and speakers. Further details about these interim changes will be made available shortly.

The Board have appreciated the level of member and PAC feedback on this issue to date. Further feedback will be sought from members and the PAC as the Compulsory CPD Review Panel undertake their review. The Board is keen to ensure that the review delivers the CPD requirements that members need and encourages members to respond and engage on this important work-stream which will commence in early 2017 and draft recommendations for any changes will be presented to the Board’s June Meeting.

Review of CPD and development of 2017 programme

The Board discussed the 2017 CPD programme and how to ensure the quality and consistency of CPD courses. It was requested that a proposal for introduction of a CPD Editorial/Review panel be developed.

The success of the recent Northland full membership interview visit resulting in 8 new full memberships was discussed. Consideration will be given to repeating this initiative in other areas away from the main cities where a number of members are seeking full membership

Urban Design Panels

The Board discussed Urban Design Panels noting some concerns that the UDP in Christchurch does not include any planners, while other panels have a formal process for establishing panels which includes the NZPI being on the Governance Board and requesting that local NZPI Branch Committees nominate potential panel members. The NZPI CEO will discuss this matter with LGNZ and MfE and report back to the Board.
Strategic planning and constitutional review

The Board will hold a strategic planning session on 13 February 2017 and this will inform the review of the Constitution which will commence in mid-2017.