2nd Reading for Resource Legislation Amendment Bill - Three Political Parties Oppose whole Bill

09 March 2017

NZPI was advised by MfE on Monday that the Local Government and Environment Committee has presented its report to the New Zealand House of Representatives. The next step is for the committee’s recommendations to be debated by the New Zealand House of Representatives in a second reading debate. The Committee has made extensive changes to the Bill – removing some of the Minister’s proposed regulation powers, and changing the National Planning Template concept to National Planning Standards. The original Bill’s provisions relating to development capacity have been made consistent with the recent NPS on Urban Development Capacity. This remains a complex Bill and many new ideas and provisions have been added by the Select Committee.

You can access the report here.

It contains a readable commentary (about 40 pages); the minority reports of the Labour, Green and NZ First Parties (from pg 41 – 49); and then the Bill with committee amendments from page 53 onward. It makes very interesting – if disturbing – reading.