ROADSHOW: National Planning Standards

21 April 2017

NZPI head office has agreed to work jointly with RMLA, to assist MfE officials run a nationwide “roadshow” communications/guidance program for planning and legal professionals working within the RMA and who are affected by the “National Planning Standards” provisions (previously known as National Planning Template provisions) that are part of the Resource Legislation Amendment Act.

Both NZPI and RMLA HQ’s have worked with their branches to identify venues locally for these roadshow events.

Indicative dates are:

  • Auckland, Tuesday 6 June
  • Hamilton, Wednesday 7 June
  • Tauranga, Thursday 8 June
  • New Plymouth, Tuesday 12 June
  • Wellington, Wednesday 14 June,
  • Napier/Hastings, Thursday 15 June
  • Nelson, Tuesday 13 June
  • Christchurch, Tuesday 21 June
  • Queenstown, Wednesday 22 June
  • Dunedin, Thursday 20 June.

Indicative schedule for each event:

3:30 pm Tea and biscuits.
3:45: Welcome and update on RLAA changes, NPS-UDC and other MfE work.
4:15 - 6 pm approximately - 20 minute overview of the Planning Standards and the workshop process, 1 hour interactive exercises, 20 minutes for report-back, summary.


MfE will provide the content and will run the consultation exercises. NZPI and RMLA will organise the workshop details, host each event, and play any other role they want that fits (e.g. notices for their members), post event networking.


NZPI and RMLA members meet jointly. Details – including venues and final schedule of roadshow meetings – will be communicated in an upcoming PF.