NZPI SUBMISSION: Urban Development Authorities Discussion Document

25 May 2017

Major Concerns with Government Urban Development Authority Proposals

NZPI supports Urban Development Authority mechanisms that will enable Central and Local Government to partner in the delivery of urban development and redevelopment projects. However NZPI has major concerns with legislation and powers proposed by MBIE. It is of particular concern that the reasoning given for UDAs is to streamline and accelerate development whereas our understanding of the UDA approach is to enable transformation over time. Some of the proposed powers don’t go far enough, and some go too far – because they could undermine property and participation rights at the core of good planning. More generally NZPI considers that key issues with the proposals as drafted include a lack of transparent decision-making and meaningful engagement, and Ministers having overriding decision powers.

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This submission contains high level comment relating to the overall purpose and design of the proposed Urban Development Authority legislative intervention, followed by detailed comments on specific issues and proposals.