Introducing the NZPI Emerging Planners

14 July 2017

NZPI is pleased to introduce the Young Planners new group name 'NZPI Emerging Planners' ...

The NZPI Young Planners have been concerned for some time that the name 'Young Planners' did not broadly represent the breadth and diversity of planning professionals who are in the early stages of their career. The group works to represent planning students and planners with five or less years of experience, but the name ‘Young Planners’ has generally been interpreted as those young of age instead of those who are young in their career. The group were concerned that due to this common misconception they were not connecting with and supporting those planners who joined the profession later in their career so they set about finding a new name that was more representative than 'Young Planners'.

The YPs embarked on a rebranding exercise, engaging their members in an “NZPI Young Planners Rebranding Competition”. They received some awesome and very creative entries for suggestions for a new name and logo. These entries went through a selection process involving the Chair of the NZPI Young Planners, Regional Young Planners Representatives, and the NZPI CEO. The final name was signed off by the NZPI Board. They are pleased to announce that the new is 'NZPI Emerging Planners'. As they had quite a few entries for this name, the winner of our top prize (attendance at an NZPI CPD course of the winners choice) went to the logo designer. We would like to congratulate Nate Saluni and Adriene Grafia from the University of Auckland (joint entry) for designing the winning logo.

Moving forward, the NZPI Emerging Planners group will continue to represent those starting out on their planning education and professional careers, and they hope their new name will fully embrace the breadth and diversity of this integral part of the planning community.