Planning Profession Considers National Planning Standards

08 June 2018

NZPI’s CEO David Curtis and NZPI Board member Sarah Jenkin attended MfE’s release by Environment Minister David Parker of the first set of National Planning Standards in Wellington yesterday.

MfE will seek submissions on the draft standards from the general public, council, professionals and iwi over a 10-week period that includes a roadshow of nationwide meetings organized jointly by RMLA and NZPI for interested planning and legal professionals. MfE advises that the final standards will be approved in April 2019.

NZPI acknowledges the purpose of National Planning Standards is to make RMA plans simpler to prepare, and easier for plan users to understand, compare and comply with. NZPI welcomes MfE’s decision to stage the introduction of planning standards, and notes that this first draft set of standards focuses on aligning structure, form, e-delivery and some common content of RMA plans. NZPI also welcomes the new Government’s decision to propose a less hasty five-year implementation period for most planning standards.

NZPI understands and appreciates the fact that today information and communication technology can allow plan users to interact electronically and over the internet with property details, RMA plans, plan changes, and resource consent applications. These first standards will require some councils to meet basic data accessibility and functionality requirements for existing plans. NZPI considers that a part of good planning is that public planning documents be available online in a user-friendly way.

NZPI notes that these draft standards are not intended to determine local policy matters, rather they are aimed at helping plans be more concise and more useful, while enabling councils to focus on the local content that is important to them.

NZPI calls on its members to continue their constructive engagement with this National Planning Standard process which commenced last year. We encourage you to attend the upcoming roadshows.

Click here for details on upcoming roadshows