Changes to Full Membership Application Process

13 September 2018

From time to time due to member feedback and changing circumstances, NZPI has the need to review its own rules and regulations relating to membership pathways and requirements. Such a change was made in 2018 and relates to the process applicable to those seeking Full membership of the Institute.

Previously, Full membership applicants were required to complete between 4 and 7 core CPD courses, dependent on membership status, prior to submitting an application. However, member feedback had indicated that this number of compulsory CPD courses was not adding value to the process or was inappropriate given prior education and experience. Therefore, it has been decided that only two CPD courses: Ethics for Planners and Planning for Maori Values: Advanced, will now form part of the professional development requirement to gain Full membership. These two courses were retained in recognition of the desire to see a deeper understanding of planning in a New Zealand context become more evident in our membership and to ensure applicants are familiar with the NZPI Code of Ethics before they agreed to be bound by it as a member of the Institute.

Additionally, member feedback indicated that during the process applicants were unclear as to what was required of them during the interview process. To address this, it has been decided to incorporate a Competency Requirement Table into the Full membership application form. This table sets out the planning competencies that have informed the panel questions in the interview and includes criteria indicating the level of understanding or knowledge that is needed by applicants.

NZPI appreciates the time and input that the membership has provided in relation to the amendment of the Full membership application process and hopes that the changes will encourage more members to consider applying for Full membership in the near future.

For further information regarding the process of applying for Full membership please click here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Membership team, 09 520 6277 or

Please note: this information was first distributed to members in May 2018. There have been no further changes made to the process since this time and this notice has been provided as a reminder to those who are considering an application for Full membership in the future.