MEDIA RELEASE | DCC Second Generation District Plan Provides Strong Policy Direction for City Growth

12 November 2018

The New Zealand Planning Institute (Otago Branch) warmly congratulates the DCC’s City Development team on the Second Generation District Plan decision released last week.

Following a briefing to local planning practitioners last week, the Otago branch of the NZPI was complimentary of the hugely ambitious project. The commitment and focus of City Development staff, the hearings panel and submitters has carried through into the 2GP decision document. It is strategically focused and sets out the key issues with a path to achieving key big-picture outcomes for the city over the next ten years. In particular, the Branch recognises the significant commitment by City Development staff over the last five years, and commends them and the Hearing Panel for taking a collaborative rather than adversarial approach

Otago branch members acknowledged the greater strategic approach to urban land supply and zoning. New residential zoned land will be made available for additional urban growth. The buoyant Dunedin economy coupled with significant projects such as the hospital rebuild and harbourside development will ensure demand on the urban housing supply will continue. The Plan provides a more cohesive approach to growth by aligning programming of future Council infrastructural upgrades to support urban development.

Local planners are especially pleased with the clear recognition given to the value of productive land. High class soils are a finite resource and integral to efficient and resilient communities and greater controls will limit undesirable expansion. The Plan takes a clear stance on the management of Dunedin’s most productive land.

NZPI (Otago) recognise the new Plan will not please everyone. The Plan adopts an aspirational approach that supports environmentally sustainable and resilient communities while enabling growth. The complexity of the issues and competing interests highlight the importance of an evidential basis for decision making. The profession has been privileged to be party to the process thus far and looks forward to the next phases in determining Dunedin’s future.

As a community, it is important to be having these conversations for our city’s future. Dunedin has a distinctive built and natural character, and a careful balancing act is necessary to maintain that character while enabling growth.

For further information contact:
Darryl Sycamore
NZPI (Otago) Chairman

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