RMLA/NZPI & Environment Court Plan Making Road Show

21 May 2019

NZPI in association with RMLA & the Environment Court invites you to ...

Powerful Plans - Perspectives on best practice plan making

JULY SERIES | Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch & Dunedin

Recent plan making processes throughout New Zealand provide a timely opportunity for an in-depth, full day workshop on the key strategic considerations and process decision points for plan development. Chaired by Principal Environment Judge Newhook and featuring a panel of Environment Court judges and experienced RMA practitioners at each venue, the workshop will cover a range of topics including:

  • A strategic approach to plan development – issue identification, option evaluation, implementation of higher order planning instruments
  • The section 32 process – recent changes, and the variability of approaches to date
  • The drafting process – from decisions on structure and format to peer review and editorial oversight
  • Plan workability – ensuring the appropriate cascade of objectives, policies and rules
  • Notification and hearing – navigating the process
  • The importance of language – precision and consistency
  • Impact of national planning standards on plan making processes

Of particular value to those working with and within councils on plan preparation, this workshop is equally relevant to participants and practitioners involved in plan submission and hearing processes.

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Limited seats, be quick!