NZPI Policy Engagement

11 October 2019

The New Zealand Planning Institute supports the current draft National Policy Statement initiative including NPS Urban Development, NPS Highly Productive Land, NPS Freshwater Management and other policy strategies enhancing national tools that engage with issues New Zealanders want addressed.

This week, after a detailed policy review of the proposed NPS-UD and NPS-HPL, with Board support, NZPI filed its submissions to the Ministries for the Environment and Primary Industries.

These begin by stating that it’s critical that New Zealand’s Resource Management regulatory system has clear, robust and practical National Planning Statements that give direction for central and local government supported by other relevant organisations such as infrastructure providers. The NPS’s need to effectively integrate to enable issues related to urban development, housing, freshwater, food production, climate change to be addressed in a coordinated manner.

NZPI has submitted that the draft NPS-UD – and the companion NPS on Highly Productive Land (NPS HPL)– and the relationships between these and other NPS’s – are highly problematic and require significant further work. There should then be an additional opportunity for submissions on the final wordings of these NPS’s before they can be gazetted and implemented. Concerns relating to implementation and coordination issues that arise from a proliferation of separate National Policy Statements and un-integrated national direction form a key part of NZPI’s submissions.

You can download NZPI’s submissions here: